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Last Day

Last day today. Checked out, took some pictures at St. Helier’s Bay, got a tall flat white at Starbucks, parked downtown, wandered around, did the SkyJump two more times, wandered around some more, had fish & chips at the Occidental Cafe (formerly the Occidental Hotel, built in 1870), wandered around some more, got some gelato at the ferry building, and took the rental car back. Now I’m at the airport with three hours to kill. My flight has a status of “Relax.”


SkyJump. I did it once with the photos and video, and as soon as I landed, he said I could go again for free if I wanted. So I did. No photos that time. Then they told me that all subsequent jumps would be $75…for life. So I did it again the next day and I got the same offer. He said they could do that because it was a light day, so I think it’s like when a restaurant is slow and they seat you near the front so you can attract other customers. On the third and fourth drops, I dangled for about ten seconds and waved at the kids on the observation deck before dropping.


Also: The minimum age for abseiling in the cave is 15. The minimum age for the SkyJump is 10. So the SkyJump is only 2/3 as sporty as the cave thing. But I did the SkyJump four times, so that’s 6/3 or double cave sportiness.