SkyJump. I did it once with the photos and video, and as soon as I landed, he said I could go again for free if I wanted. So I did. No photos that time. Then they told me that all subsequent jumps would be $75…for life. So I did it again the next day and I got the same offer. He said they could do that because it was a light day, so I think it’s like when a restaurant is slow and they seat you near the front so you can attract other customers. On the third and fourth drops, I dangled for about ten seconds and waved at the kids on the observation deck before dropping.


Also: The minimum age for abseiling in the cave is 15. The minimum age for the SkyJump is 10. So the SkyJump is only 2/3 as sporty as the cave thing. But I did the SkyJump four times, so that’s 6/3 or double cave sportiness.